Legal bankruptcy area

Our Services

Civil Property Law

Consultation on contracting. Drawing up, review and interpretation of contracts in the civil property sphere

Why? Obtain the best legal cover that legal security can provide.

Corporate Mercantile Law

Consultation on corporate administrative bodies. Business restructuring. Prevention and resolution of corporate>
Why? Have a team of expert lawyers available, specialised in corporate law.

Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy administrators. As instant lawyers: planning and filing of bankruptcy proceedings and refinancing with creditors

Why? Plan the legal and economic aspects of bankruptcy proceedings.

Public or Administrative Law

Adversarial administrative proceedings challenged administratively or litigiously.

Why? Obtain the best consultation on resources against the Government Administration.

Litigation area

Civil claims through court action in civil, property, mercantile and corporate matters. Representation and defence of customer interests.

Why? When it is necessary to rely on legal action, do so safely.

Consumer Rights

Assessment of companies and corporations concerning the actions that can be brought against them by consumers and users

Why?Defending companies against claims.

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