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Estate tax planning and family business

We design tax planning structures with the aim of improving the return on assets of individuals and legal entities (companies).


How does proper estate tax planning benefit you?

Succession planning

Preparation of wills and optimisation of the inheritance process in order to find the most beneficial condition for the heirs. Settlement of Inheritance Tax.


Economic and fiscal savings. Facilitate and simplify the succession process.

Tax planning for individuals

Advice, planning and optimisation of taxation for individuals resident in Spain and abroad. (Personal Income Tax, Wealth Tax, IRNR).


Optimise personal wealth and tax savings with tax experts.

Tax planning for family businesses

Planning, design and implementation of tax-efficient family corporate structures. Drafting agreements that assist the current and future management of the family business.


To improve the performance of a company or group of companies.

Corporate transactions

Design, preparation and execution of corporate operations. Preventive tax audits and reviews.


Ensuring the correct execution of the processes of a company or group of companies.

Planning is saving

Assets, whether in the name of individuals or companies, entail a number of costs due to legal tax obligations. It is good to know what taxes we have to pay and what deductions are available to us.

Delta Asesores Tributarios y Jurídicos, S.L. provides tax planning services to individuals and legal entities (companies). We design tax planning structures, with the aim of improving the performance of our clients’ assets, in accordance with the objectives pursued.

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