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The best management of your organization

Our team of employment lawyers can take care of the management of hiring, payrolls, severance payments, etc. All this will allow you to reduce your internal costs and save time.


Why does outsourcing the administrative part of your HR department saves your company money?

Employment advice

True to the spirit of Delta Asesores, we are also proactive in Labor matters, advising you in all areas. We have a great team so you have the security of being in good hands.

For your company to work properly, in accordance with current legislation.

Human Resources

The Delta Labor Area is like having an external department of Human Resources. With all the advantages of a great specialized team and without fixed costs.

So you do not have to worry about anything in labor issues.

Contracts and bonuses

Study of the most suitable contracts for the activity and processing the corresponding bonus requests and subsidies.

Know the contract type that best suits the company-employee relationship to take advantage of legal incentives

Studies, rulings and reports

Consultation on business and employment matters. Audits and expert reports. Modifications to working conditions, geographical and functional mobility. Reimbursement policies.

Have all the information available to make the best decisions


Preparing payrolls, monthly wage slips and special payments, termination payments and certificates. Processing of social security settlements. Notifying the mutual insurance company of any occupational accidents or occupational illnesses.

Save time and internal costs, delegating employment management to qualified professionals.


Incorporation and legalisation of companies in matters of employment, social security and occupational accidents. Processing of hiring, terminations and modification to employee and sole trader data. Study and processing of changes to social security contribution bases.

So the company frees up resources that it can use in managing its own activity.

Handling of provisional downsizing plans

Handling cases of suspension, modification and termination of employment contracts. Consultation and representation of cases of collective dismissal.

Obtain the optimum assessment and representation of the company’s interests

Representation and procedures

Representation during employment inspections. Consultation, representation and technical direction on proceedings against Regional Directorates or Directorate General of Labour, Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Service, Social Security Institute, Spanish Public Employment Service and industrial tribunals..

To provide an appropriate defence of the company’s interests

Labor advisors

Our team of social graduates and labour lawyers can take care of the management of hiring, payroll, severance payments, etc. All this will allow you to reduce your internal costs and save time.

Our team of labour lawyers will advise you on recruitment issues and will inform you about all the bonuses and subsidies available to you.

We also carry out studies, opinions and reports on working conditions, geographical and functional mobility and redundancy plans.
Another service we provide is the study and processing of retirement pensions, as well as the presentation before the administration of all types of benefits.

We manage Equality Plans, as well as the implementation of protocols for sexual harassment and/or sex-based discrimination in order to comply with the regulatory framework that every company is obliged to comply with.

But not only do we process them, we also represent your business and carry out all the procedures required for the proper defence of your business interests.

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