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We advise you to minimise your tax burden

Our tax consultancy in Valencia provides you with everything you need to formalise all your tax obligations in the most efficient way.


How can a good tax advisor help you?

Fiscal consulting

Consulting on compliance of tax obligations. Basic taxes such as company tax, VAT and income tax as well as specific sector taxes.

Comply with efficiency, providing guarantees on tax obligations.

Accounting consultation

Consulting on compliance of accounting legislation. Consultations, maintenance of entries and annual accounts.

Consultation and support for companies who prepare their accounting in-house.

Audit of accounts

Independent audit report to verify the adjustment of accounting statements to the accounting principles and legislation.

Guarantee that accounting statements reasonably reflect the reality of assets and finances within the company.

Tax inspections

Representation and defence of the company’s or taxpayer’s interests during a tax inspection (AEAT or regional government agencies).

Have access to a large team of tax and legal experts to defend against the Administration’s rulings.

Tax management

Preparing and presenting the tax declarations that affect the company or professional. One-off information on how many provisions affect the activity.

Save management time and money by paying only what is legally owing.

Management of bankruptcy proceedings

Management and handling of bankruptcy proceedings Instant lawyers and bankruptcy administrators. Comprehensive coverage: financial and economic, fiscal and legal.

So that bankruptcy can be a tool for the company’s viability.

Accounting management

Preparing and maintaining accounting from receipts and bank statements provided by the company or professional.

Focus on managing the company, delegating accounting duties to professionals.

Business groups

Consultation, planning, consolidation and restructuring of business groups. Creation of holdings. Fiscal strategy and planning.

Financial and tax savings. Facilitate operations and transfers.

Financial and tax advisors service

Our tax consultancy in Valencia provides you with everything you need to formalise all your tax obligations in the most efficient way. We manage your taxes so that you comply with your legal obligations, avoiding double payments.

Rely on our service to keep your business accounts correctly.

In addition, auditing of accounts to ensure that the financial statements of your business show the true financial and equity situation of your business, if there should be any errors.

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