We have a multidisciplinary team of professionals specialized in the electronics and household appliances sector.


Our team of tax experts, specific to the textile sector, will help you achieve your objectives by complying with accounting regulations.


Tax, legal, labor and accounting advice to optimize the profitability and proper functioning of educational centers.


Advice on tax issues, intellectual property or labor issues. Our tax advice has extensive experience in the health sector.

Promotion and Construction

Our expert lawyers have a long experience in the construction sector and the real estate market.

Distribution machinery and hardware

Tax, accounting and labor advice in purchase of hardware and materials. At Delta Asesores, we facilitate operations for business groups.


We will advise you on the annual economic optimization of both general and business insurance.

Service stations

Advice and tax processing complying with the Environmental Laws and compliance with the regulations of facilities before official bodies.

Electrical installations

Specialized advice on technical matters and facilities regulations. Preparation of technical documentation of taxes in the energy sector.

Distribution (wholesalers)

Tax, labor, accounting and legal advice with extensive experience and knowledge of taxes on economic activities for wholesale distributors.

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