We follow our own methodology and contrasted for the projects. The Delta Method that allows us to be more effective, anticipate and plan to achieve maximum savings for our customers.

To start thinking and planning we must know:

  • how the business is organized
  • ownership of assets
  • structure of contracts
  • amortization and valuation criteria
  • location of operations
  • business cycles
  • operational cycles

It is necessary to understand in depth the system and the rules, to design the best fiscal and patrimonial strategy.

Whether it is the fiscal area or the legal area, we will delve into the general legislation and the specific legislation applicable to the sector. Because, as in chess, the best player is the one who knows the rules best.

What do we want to achieve in the medium and long term ? What specific circumstances occur in the case?

Determine the course of action to achieve the objectives. Draw the most appropriate path for savings or viability of the company.

The companies are people. In many cases, business and family assets are closely related. A correct patrimonial planning guarantees survival, protects the patrimony and avoids double impositions.

In the legal field, preparation is the key to success. Knowing the objective and scope of action is essential to design the right strategy.

Each client is assigned a Team Leader who coordinates their own staff. So that the communication is fluid and so that there is always a person in charge who knows the history of the project.

The day to day is a long distance race. We do not believe in miracles but in daily work. Always available to our customers to solve all your doubts and if we can, anticipate them.

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